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About & Contact Info

Horse Creek Productions has been making independent horror film since 1995. All of our titles are available in our store or on If you are a motion picture distributor or wholesaler and would like to inquire about bulk purchases or foreign territory rights, please send an send an email to  All of our titles are available for territories outside of North American on all platforms.


If you would like to inquire about showing any of our titles at film festivals or on cable broadcast television, please send an email to


If you are a horror fan and are thinking about purchasing our titles through Amazon, thanks!  But if you want us to help us keep making awesome movies, consider purchasing directly from our store here.  You will save a few dollars and we get more money to make more movies!

“I like to describe my style of filmmaking as the two Johns...John Carpenter meets John Waters.”

– Director/Writer Tommy Faircloth

Horse Creek Productions is a proud sponsor of the following film festivals.  If you are a filmmaker, consider submitting to one of these festivals today.  Besides promoting and screening the best in independent cinema, these festivals are an excellent way to meet filmmakers, discuss cinema, and make lifetime connections in the indie film world.

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